How to Become a Paparazzi Accessories Director

Being a Director in Paparazzi is the first step to leadership!
It is fun to grow a team, to help women change their lives, and see them find their own success in our amazing business.

The first thing you have to do is work your own business. I mean it. You have to work yourself. You have to sell, you have to re-order, you are required to have a minimum 50PV aka 25 piece order in each month to be paid as a Director.

After that you need to personally sponsor, welcome people to the team yourself.
You need at least three active women on your team to rank up to Director.

Active means ordering 50PV aka 25 pieces.
All of them need to order their 25 pieces in the same month.


WHY do you want to become a Director?!
First things first-- to help someone else change their life with Paparazzi. This business is amazing and brings so much to a person when they decide to become part of it.

Second- an increase in finances, when you sponsor you are paid by Paparazzi to teach and train them, and help them find success.
You get paid on the new consultants sign up, 5% on the kit volume of Consultant #1 and #2 (then 10% on all three after you add the 3rd) PLUS a 15% bonus on their kit volume.