How to Become a Paparazzi Accessories Premier Director

You have become a Paparazzi Accessories Director!! You have obtained the first level of leadership in our awesome company!
Now it's on to level two-- Premier Director!


Paparazzi Accessories Premier Director Training


To become a Premier Director takes a good deal of work, it means growing your own team, making your own sales AND mentoring your personally sponsored teammates to help them grow THEIR teams! That takes skill and practice and is an amazing feat!


To be a Premier Director one must place her own 50PV, 25 piece order.
Then she must have a team total order of 3000 OV, a total of 1,500 pieces ordered by her entire downline in one month!
This requires a team working together to help one another grow and succeed, they must work together to reach this goal.
Paparazzi does have a 1/3 rule-- meaning that a consultant can only take 1/3 of her volume from one leg-- so for a Premier Director team the consultant can only take 1000OV (500 pieces) from each leg, and each personally sponsored consultant is considered one leg.


Why do you want to become a Premier Director?

First-- to help new people change their lives through Paparazzi

Second- to mentor your personally sponsored teammates grow their own teams and achieve the dream of recruitment and sponsorship, as well as Director!

Third- to increase your pay outs each month based on how well you are able to teach and train your team to meet success!