Paparazzi Accessories Business FAQ




Paparazzi Accessories Business Frequently Asked Questions 

As a Consultant, how much money can I make?

Paparazzi Accessories Consultants earn money two ways:
$5 Pieces are ordered at the wholesale cost of $2.75 per piece. Sold for $5.00. Immediate profit of 45%, $2.75 per piece.
$1 Starlet Shimmer Pieces are ordered at the wholesale cost of 10 for $5.00. Sold for $1.00 each. Immediate profit of 50%, $.50 per piece
$25 Zi Collection pieces are ordered at the whole sale cost of $16.25. Sold for $25. Immediate profit of 35%, $8.75.

Downline Commission:
Growing and teaching a team earns you pay increases and bonuses beginning with your first teammate.
Bonus: 15% volume bonus on the volume of their Starter Kit choice
Active Teammates 1 & 2 you earn 5% on the monthly volume of your first line.
Active Teammates 1-3 you earn 10% on the monthly volume of your first line and 5% on the volume of your second like and rank up to Director.
Premier Director Rank: 10% on the monthly volume of your first line, 5% of the monthly volume of your second line, and 3% of the monthly volume of your third line.
(this continues to grow for each new rank and is fully explained in the Paparazzi Accessories Compensation Plan)

Where Can I Sell Paparazzi?

Paparazzi is lenient on where and how we can sell the jewelry. We can sell both on and offline. There are no territories, you can own a store or a salon, a boutique, and travel trailer. We cannot sell on sales platforms like eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, or other.


How Can I Sell Paparazzi?

  • Online: Facebook page, your own Facebook group, Instagram, SnapChat, Periscope, etc.
  • Free Paparazzi website
  • Open House or Home parties
  • Events: Small or large, vendor fairs, markets, etc
  • Pop-up Shop: Sell within a retail store, salon, senior community, or boutique.

You can set up your Paparazzi Accessories business and sell just about anywhere you can think of.

How old do you have to be to sign up?
You must  at least 18 years old to become an independent consultant with Paparazzi Accessories.


If I Live Outside the United States, Can I Become a Consultant?
At this time, only residents of the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam can become consultants and customers. Paparazzi Accessories will ship to anyone with an APO/FPO address.


How do I sign up to join Paparazzi Accessories?
Visit my website  
Click Join my Team
Complete the short form
Choose your Starter Kit


What Comes in a Starter Kit?
You’ll choose between 3 different Starter Kits when you enroll. The starter kit is your initial inventory for your Paparazzi Accessories business, It also has a few business tools in it.

  • $99 starter kit Includes 35 pieces for jewelry, marketing supplies, and a necklace display. (Retail value $175)
  • $299 starter kit Includes: 120 pieces of jewelry, marketing supplies, necklace and ring displays (Retail value $600)
  • $499 starter kit includes: 200 pieces of jewelry, jewelry displays, marketing supplies, and a FREE TICKET TO CONVENTION!!  (Retail value $1100)

Can I Choose the Items I get in my Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kit?

No, the kits are pre-packaged.
Each starter kit comes with specially selected items with the season’s colors, some bestselling pieces, and some exclusive items. You’ll get different styles in order to give you a variety of items for your customer to choose from, and for you to become familiar with the different styles.
After you’ve chosen your starter kit and completed the enrollment process, you can pick and choose the items you’d like. As you sell the different pieces, you’ll get an idea of what your customer’s love so then you can tailor your selection more for them.



What is the Minimum that I Must Buy?

There are no monthly minimum requirements to maintain your Paparazzi Accessories Consultant status,
You must have a minimum of 200 PV in one rolling, 12-month period to remain a consultant. If that minimum is not met the consultant will “roll off” and no longer be a consultant.

Those with teams wishing to be eligible for commission payout must have a minimum of 50PV every calendar month. If that minimum is not met the consultant will not receive payment



How Much is Shipping?
When shopping from your Paparazzi Accessories back office shipping is $5.95 per order of $1-$99. Orders of $100 or more ship for free.
When shipping to your customers you have the right to set your own shipping cost. Many choose to do a flat rate and use the USPS to mail through discount shipping options like PayPal, PirateShip and the like.


When Will I Receive My Shipment from Paparazzi?
Shipments from Paparazzi arrive via FedEx and come within 7-10 days. Tracking information will be emailed to you after it departs the Paparazzi warehouse.


What About Sales Tax?  
At the time of order Paparazzi Accessories charges you the sales tax for your location, on the full retail cost, not the wholesale cost. This is done to help each consultant; Paparazzi then pays our state and local tax boards that collected tax on our behalf. It is recommended that you pass along that tax charge to your customers, in the exact same amount that Paparazzi charges you, to recoup your money.


What is the Return Policy? 
All items ordered from Paparazzi by either the consultant or the customer have a 3-business day window to complete all returns.
Consultant returns are done exclusively through the Paparazzi Accessories website and a photo of the damaged piece must be submitted and approved.
Customer returns are done by calling the Home Office and speaking to a Customer Service representative.
Should a customer receive a broken piece from you it is your choice how you will accept returns and exchanges. You will want to set your policy immediately and make your customers aware.


Is the Jewelry Hypoallergenic?
All Paparazzi Accessories are lead free and nickel free, this is better than hypoallergenic, many metals listed as hypoallergenic still contain lead and/or nickel and create problems for the wearers.


What metal is Paparazzi jewelry made from?  
Paparazzi jewelry is made of various metals, primarily aluminum. It also includes other trace mineral such as zinc, steel, iron and copper.


Do I Have to Purchase My Marketing Items from Paparazzi? 
No, you have the right to use the Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consultant logo found in your Back Office to create your own marketing materials; flyers, business cards, banners, posters, displays, etc. You also have the right to choose your supplier.
You are not allowed to create or make items to sell using the Paparazzi Accessories logo.

A word of caution- use only the official logo found in your Back Office, not anything found on Google, to stay within Compliance.


 Are There Any Catalogs to Look At/Order From?
Paparazzi does not have catalogs! New inventory launches every business day and is available to all consultants for purchase at wholesale to sell to their customers are retail.


Can My Customers Order Directly from the Paparazzi Website? 
Yes! Your customers will be able to order through you on your website! The best part about this is that Paparazzi gives us the website for free and ships it directly to the customer for us.



How do I enroll online?

Visit my website  
Click Join my Team
Complete the short form
Choose your Starter Kit






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